by ponyphonic

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*Updated, re-equalized audio*

This was inspired by something pretty mundane: reading Internet arguments. It struck me one day that people can appear to have a conversation while actually misunderstanding one another in spectacular fashion. It's hard to come out of our own, personal worlds and try to understand someone else's when they are often so very different. At least, it is for me, and I don't always want to. This song is about the struggle to try.


there is a wall, a yawning rift
a glass between two plates adrift

I see you shout and start to wave
we talk in riddles, speak charades

picture worlds we've never seen
and I'll hear things you'd never mean

still I will aim to see your side
and you'll know that I truly tried

and though my darkened spyglass view
could never hope to capture you

through forests, over hills and moors
my canyon wall leans out to yours

there is a wall, a yawning rift
a glass between two plates adrift

my separation and defense
my constant curse, my preference

would that I better understood
how to draw near, I wish I could


released January 4, 2016




ponyphonic Chandler, Arizona

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