Shy Heart

by ponyphonic

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* Re-equalized on 11/24/16 -- reduced high frequency slightly *

This song is inspired by the wonderful Fluttershy, from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, who knows all too well the struggle to express one's quiet thoughts in a loud world.


Be yourself, they say, but be assertive
Hold your ground but do not be unkind
I have sought to be both lamb and lion
Heartache is the thing I tend to find
Can I only have what I can capture
Will I be unheard unless I shout
Clamor overwhelms me and I wonder
What is there to be so loud about?

Many are the musings of my shy heart
Though precious few are spoken out aloud
How I wish to wrap them up in confidence and style
And send them out like magic through the crowd
Then everyone would listen and I wouldn't be afraid
I wouldn't shrink away and disappear
I don't want them to worship me or care that much at all
I only want to know they know I'm here

I can wear a mask of pluck and power
But it never says what I intend
Words become like scissors in my keeping
And friendships are so difficult to mend
I don't want to shout above the babel
I'm not even sure what I would say
Maybe just, "Excuse me, could we maybe
Be a little quieter today?"

Part of me has things she wants and wishes
Part of me is worried she is wrong
Part of me is busy masquerading
As a girl whose pieces get along
I don't mean to come across as distant
I don't think it adds to my mystique
I just find it difficult conversing
And think an awful lot before I speak


released November 20, 2016
Vocals: Christina Ellis
Guitar: Don Larson
Violin: Brittany Davidson
Violin: Emilio Vazquez
Viola: Seth Willey
Cello: Gillian Kuroiwa
String Recording: Mark Lanus
Writing/Arrangement: Dane Larson




ponyphonic Chandler, Arizona

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