by ponyphonic

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From Wikipedia:

"An idioglossia is an idiosyncratic language invented and spoken by only one person or very few people. Most often, idioglossia refers to the 'private languages' of young children, especially twins, the latter being ... commonly referred to as twin talk or twin speech."


Fritzy was the TV, sorta work and sorta doesn't
Like the snowy out the window was the fuzzy on the screen
And snorey-borey were the little toys upon the floory
And the neighbor kids were always kinda mean
So criss-cross sat and chitter-chat, our days were spent conversy
Interspersy little words our very own till we'd forget
Just where the English end and where our little words beginned
And ennui aid and time abet et ceter-eter-ret-set-set-set

We take a syllable, the funnier the better
We say it till we make it be a word
Lexicon of beg and borrow
Idioglossary are oh,
Isn't it the bestest thing you ever ever heard
Understood by no one but
The two of us and you know what
I mean when all I'm saying is a-la-a-wah-a-oh
It's something magical, absurd, and so
Much fun, this thing that we both know

So we made a language and we meant to keep it secret
But the words were so hilarious we had to share them all
We put it alphabetic and we gave 'em definitions
And we wrote 'em out in crayon on the wall
Well, Momma didn't really take a liking to the mural
Truly, artistry is never understood within its day
But maybe, in the end, we like it better as an enigmatic
Game that only we can play, it's siblinguistic anyway


released April 11, 2015
Written and Performed by Dane Larson




ponyphonic Chandler, Arizona

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