by ponyphonic

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A little song of appreciation for the best character in the show.


Verse 1:
I'm not the sort to fall easily in love
They are few and far between that catch my eye
But when she walked up with that smile and "howdy do"
My tongue tied knots I didn't know that it could tie

She's gorgeous, pragmatic, industrious and kind
She down-right radiates agrarian allure
If there was a contest for winsome country class
There'd be a bright blue ribbon headed straight to her

Blonde, freckled, and green-eyed
My heart is hogtied
That twang is knockin' me out

Take me on down to your farm, girl
Turn on your charm, girl
That countrified charisma is what I am all about

My, oh, my, yeah she's a down home southern saint
She tells it like it is and won't go sayin' things that ain't
Sweet as apple cider and with spice enough to spare
And I won't ever want no other, I do declare
There is none who holds a candle on this side of anywhere

Verse 2:
She's not afraid of a little sweat and mud
She's got my heart beating a steady pitter pat
No fuss, no pretense, and nary a complaint
I swear she hides a halo 'neath that stetson hat

Caring, devoted, and level-headed, and
Good lord, her baking is a gift from the divine
Oh tell me that she feels the same way that I do
I'll be her sugarcube; she'll be my valentine


released January 23, 2015




ponyphonic Chandler, Arizona

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