Air Song

by ponyphonic

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The lyrics for this came years after the music itself was written. I always thought it sounded airy--like flying, and eventually, I got the idea that it should be about an airship. Because why not. There aren't a lot of songs based on science-fiction/fantasy that I know of (not happy ones, anyway), and it was fun to chart some unfamiliar thematic territory.


You were born -- from Heaven came down
And caught your heart in a cloud
All your time on the earth couldn't drown
The words that rang clear and loud:

Your heart is here in the sky
Make wings, dear, and fly

It's such a perfect night
All systems ready
We are go for engines on

In a rush of wind and a flash of steel
And the flap of a dozen sails
We broke our ties with the earth just like
Two kids in a fairy tale

Close your eyes and hold out your hands
And feel the wind in your hair
Hear the shimmering strains as we ride
On wings of warm evening air

We've turned our sails to the ground
We're heavenward-bound

The sky's our highway now
We'll paint the heavens
With a brush made out of stars

Where rain or shine is a matter of
Which side of the clouds you're on
And if the good Lord wills
And the north wind rises,
We'll be far away by dawn

You were born -- from Heaven came down
And caught your heart in a cloud


released July 26, 2015
Written, performed, and recorded by Dane Larson




ponyphonic Chandler, Arizona

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